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Dynaco is the world leader in high speed door technology. It offers state of the art solutions for both commercial and industrial applications.

Founded in 1987, Dynaco has acquired an extensive expertise in high performance doors. Yet it continues to invest in order to exceed your expectations.

A network of certified and dedicated partners ensures an optimal service to customers all over Europe. Worldwide, we rely on our license partners in Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Brazil.

Dynaco doors offer the following advantages:

  • ENERGY SAVINGS Fast cycle times significantly reduce transfer of conditioned air. Additionally, Dynaco incorporates patented seal technology which provides the tightest seal possible around the full perimeter of the door.
  • COST SAVINGS When dislodged, the door curtain automatically returns into its side guides, without the need of intervention. This way, you can avoid costly downtime and time-consuming technical interventions.
  • LONG LIFETIME Dynaco doors contain very limited wearing parts. The strong and flexible curtain is very resistant. Thus, Dynaco doors can operate during hundreds of thousands opening cycles.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY Dynaco offers a wide range of opening commands. Automatic opening and closing results in considerable time savings and improves the efficiency of your daily operations.